july  2016  Release

The raw, private world of minor league baseball, exposed by a struggling musician who runs the clubhouse. 

Inspired by Palka's 5 years of running a Triple-A clubhouse, Baseball Clubbies is a voyeuristic journey through minor league baseball. Our unlikely hero, Riley Holiday, puts his music endeavors aside to begin his third year as a clubhouse manager for the Liberty Swamp Ducks. Riley struggles with his conscience, supplying baseball players with steroids, pee tests and drugs, doing whatever it takes to make an extra dime. Set in blue-collar Ohio, clubbies, players and sexy gold-digging jersey chasers are all desperate for their ticket out of Liberty. Caught in a haze of lawless days and party-animal nights, Riley and the Swamp Ducks may never recover from this season's shot at the Big League. 

About the book's soundtrack , Stealing Home, Matt says, "Perhaps most striking is the eclectic grouping of songs. Unless it's a compilation, most albums don't  transition so easily from americana, to retro blues, to reggae, to indie rock, to protest song. But that's what I did here. I decided to dip into whatever style would best accent the novel's moments of ecstatic bliss, heartbreak, and raw passion. The album also had to reflect my younger self who was still searching for his own unique voice." 




An Inspirational True Story ~ A recent college graduate moves from Ohio to California on a bicycle with just $600 and a guitar.

After graduating from college, Riley's parents began pressuring him to take over the family fudge shop. Weighing out the menial options of an in debt twenty-something, he still doesn't want it. Instead, Riley Holiday bought a used bicycle and embarked on a solo cross-country trip from Ohio to California. Lacking a credit card and a cell phone, he lived on $600 and a guitar to earn food money, while sleeping in homeless shelters, youth hostels, town parks and anywhere he could find to pitch his tent. Meanwhile, his five-week 2,361 mile journey led him ever closer to his soul mate.

"Wholly On The Road reimagined, the hints of philosophy are so transcendent, Moment In The Sun shines bright."                                      – Performing Songwriter Magazine